Find your serendipity,
make global matrix.

To people all over the world , Happiness.
I want to increase opportunities for each person to meet happy things and things.
I want to build that bridge.

At MIGITEQ, we are committed to providing services that increase the number of connections between people around the world based on this philosophy.


Provided by MIGITEQ

MIGITEQ's philosophy is brought to life through three major businesses.

  • images_Management of travel media

    Management of internet media

    We operate a media platform that delivers information about Japan for overseas visitors about sightseeing, food and drinks, shopping, accomodation, experiences and culture.

  • images_Development outsourcing

    Development outsourcing

    We develop websites and mobile applications, utilizing our knowledge in marketing, UI/UX, design production and development.

  • images_Consulting services

    Consulting services

    We provide consulting services on overseas marketing and customer acquisition, using our expertise in media management.

Our management media

daisuki-nippon is a platform to share worldwide the relevant information about Japanese culture, crafts and arts, food, drinks and traditions.
We share information about Japan globally, with an aim to make Japan special and loved by people around the world.

screen images_daisuki-nippon

Our specials

The strength of MIGITEQ

The world is changing, and changing fast, making it difficult to predict the future. Consumers' needs are getting more diverse and global, and it is very difficult to find a right solution to enter the market.

At MIGITEQ, we focus on having a clear purpose and processes with a fast validation/ improvement cycle. With our extensive experience and skills, we are able to take on everything from web-centric planning to marketing, design and development.

We suggest the best way to achieve your goals and lead your business to success through validation and improvement with a high-speed PDCA cycle.

figure_The strength of MIGITEQ


MIGITEQ skills

MIGITEQ has many experienced members proficient in web-centric business planning, business-driven design, production and development outsourcing. We provide a one-stop service from planning to design, development, marketing and maintenance.

  • IT consulting / branding
    We analyze business problems from different perspectives and suggest measures with a highest positive impact on achieving business strategies and goals.
  • Web Marketing / SEO
    With a focus on online marketing, SEO and paid customer acquisition, we suggest the best plan for your business. Our approach covers not only quantitative analysis based on data, but also hypothesis thinking that considers qualitative matters such as user behavior and psychology.
  • Web Design / UI / UX
    Striving to achieve your business strategies and goals in the creative web industry, we provide UI/UX suggestions, IA design, and design production rather than a simple design.
  • Web Development
    We provide web development services by following a process with a high QCD, using our extensive knowledge in development and outsourcing.
  • Other Design Services
    We offer design services not only for the websites, but also for traditional media and applications. (mobile application/logo/brochure/name card/business card/business tool creation, etc.)
  • Website improvement and maintenance
    Based on the user trends analysis and efficiency rates, we suggest a wide range of improvement measures for current websites, starting from SEO, UI/UX and design to other technical aspects such as display speed.


Our Achievements

The following are some of the projects we worked on at MIGITEQ.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about development outsourcing or consulting.

  • images_case01
    design front-end information architecture UI/UX development marketing
    Creating travel media to share worldwide information about Japanese culture, such as crafts, traditions and art.
  • images_case02
    design front-end information architecture UI/UX
    Creating a sense of a cutting edge technology to change the image of the real estate industry. Promoting the philosophy and solutions.
  • images_case03
    design front-end information architecture UI/UX development marketing
    Building an EC system for small and medium-sized enterprises to promptly respond to sales decrease due to the COVID-19.
  • images_case04
    design front-end information architecture UI/UX
    Creating a modern design to promote the solution for business and sales.
to know about other projects.


  • Press release 2020.8.27

    Released "daisuki-nippon" !! Click here for details.

  • Infomation 2020.3.18

    Moved to Nihonbashi due to the business expansion.

  • Infomation 2020.2.20

    Established MIGITEQ Inc.

Company profile

About logo

One of the two triangles represents our company, MIGITEQ, and the other represents our clients and users, facing each other in sincerity and joining forces in order to create a new value.
On top of that, the arc is seen as a bridge linking Japan to the outside world.

Company name
WAW Nihombashi, 3F, Nippon steel nihombashi building,
1-13-1 Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Executive Director
Yoshiyuki Kusayama
February 20th, 2020
Number of employees
Content of business
Travel media management, Consulting, Development outsourcing

Contact Us

If you have any questions or requests for MIGITEQ, feel free to contact us from here.
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